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New YouTube channel Link HERE

Non gambling giveaway

Hi all. In here is where the non-gambling, no casino sign up required giveaways will be.

This one is very simple, just get me to 1000 subs on YT & follow me over at to get me to 75 followers!

The giveaway draw will be done as soon as I hit 1k subs on YouTube and when I hit 75 followers on Kick (currently 28 I think). 

Kick link is above and my YT is

Prizes are:

X4 £50 Amazon vouchers! (YouTube ones already given away on stream)

I will pick x2 names from YouTube (will be a comment picker from a future video) and two names from a live stream on kick (will stream in August), as long as we hit either target by then!

Thank you for the support so far! 

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